The members are all Paraguayans and foreigners professionals living in the country, who have completed college and have graduated or obtained a certificate of specialization in the United States.

There is no application fee. Annual dues are 100.000 Gs.

Membership Advantages

  • Being part of a multidisciplinary network of people with high training and performance, being all of them graduates from Universities in the United States.
  • Membership of the Paraguayan-American Cultural Center (CCPA) with all the benefits of a member of the CCPA.
  • Free membership of the Roosevelt Library, where you can borrow books, magazines, newspapers, cassettes and films that are unique in the country, in Spanish and English.
  • Discounts on tickets for events performed at the CCPA (Concerts, Festivals, Theatre).
  • Members and children of members have special discounts for English courses at the CCPA.
  • Discounts for the use of the facilities of the CCPA. (“Teatro de las Americas”, “Galeria Agustin Barrios”, Multipurpose Hall)
  • Discounts in several stores.