In the Teatro de las Américas of the CCPA, on June 6th, the APPG was honored to host a conference entitled, "Programa Nacional de Becas: Don Carlos Antonio López, 1.500 Becas de Postgrado Disponibles en el Exterior." The following two slideshows were presented:

The APPG and STP hosted a world-class panel of Public Private Parnetship experts on May 25th. The following documents offer a thorough summary of what was discussed:

The Paraguayan Association of Professionals Graduated in the U.S.A. (APPG) serves to:

  • To promote the relationship of the members with their respective Universities in the United States.
  • To assist students interested in continuing their studies in the United States.
  • To promote the exchange of educational and professional visits between both countries.
  • To promote the relationship between the members through actions on the behalf of the community.
  • To provide a forum to share knowledge, ideas, experiences and strategies in different areas of human activity.

Recent Activities Include:

  • Conference "Ideologías versus Experiencias Prácticas en Proyectos de Participación Público-Privada (APP)”
  • "4th. Students Visit Program - Year 2014"
  • Lecture by Dr. Donald Armstrong, Director of the Department of Medical Technology of the University of Buffalo.  
  • Music concerts by the associate Lobito Martinez (RIP).
  • Breakfast Meeting with Dr. Lawrance Harrison (Harvard University), on "The Thinking of the Under-Development."  
  • Lecture by Dr. Raymond Ciacci of the University of Chicago.   Title:  “Why some sons fail to live up to their fathers' expectations.” 
  • Conference by Dr. Juan Carlos Herken, PhD, London School of Economics, on "Economic Integration and their effects on the market."  
  • Organization of the first Paraguayan Delegation for the Educational and Commercial Exchange Visit to Oklahoma.  Attended by: The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Director of Pro-Paraguay, Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, CCPA and Student Adviser CCPA/USIS. 
  • Joint-sponsorship with SEURT of the panel on "Urban Cultural Patrimony."  
  • Jointly with the American University, the CCPA, Lecture by Dr. K. Fatemi, Dean of the University of Texas A&M International, on "MERCOSUR and NAFTA."  
  • Work Meetings with Representative Tommy Thomas, Majority Leader of the House of Representatives of Oklahoma.  
  • Lecture by Dr. Sherman Louis Cohn, Georgetown University, on "Professional Ethics in Law."  
  • Discussion Panel on topics of medical interest by Dr. Miguel Gonzalez Oddone and Dr. Efrain Olszewer.
  • Conference by Dr. Francisco Rivera Batiz, PhD, Columbia University.  
  • Conference on "The International Trade and Regional Agreements", by Ellen Frost, Senior Fellow of the Institute of International Economics.  
  • Jointly with Peace Corps, and supported by USAID, two complete days of workshops and exhibitions were developed on Leadership and Social Responsibility: “The Roll that the Public and Private Sector play in Development”; “Paraguay in the New World Order”, with guests such as our members Benjamin Fernandez Bogado, Ricardo Caballero Aquino, Robert White, Marcial Riquelme, and as a special guest Mark Jacobs.  
  • Three Discussion Panels "Where is the Arc:  A vision for Development" with the Ministers from the MIC, MOPC, BCP and other outstanding local economists. 
  • Cycle of three conferences: " Poverty, How to Cope with it", with the presence of the Director of CEPAL in the initial session and organized with other prestigious NGOs and other Government Institutions.  
  • Conference for the promotion of Development:  "A proposal of Agrarian Statute".  
  • Lecture on climate change by Dr. Antonieta Arias.